Nicest Cat Ever Just Wants to Pet the Pretty Bird

Posted by Amber King
cat petting bird
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Felines and feathers don't always mix, but this cat just wants to pet his new friend.

Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird used to be society's expectation for what happens when birds and cats meet, but this friendly tabby cat is looking to change that.

This video of a cat petting a bird has been making its way around social media. People are surprised to see a cat and a bird getting along, and the cat's gentle behavior is too cute to resist.

The tabby tentatively extends his paw toward his new friend. He's careful to keep his claws safely retracted, and he moves slowly and gently as to not startle the bird. He eventually manages to make contact, and the bird lets him pet his feathers. The interaction is nothing like how most birds and cats would react to each other.

Gentle Kitty

This kitty is trying his best to be gentle 😍😂😂

Posted by Cats on Catnip on Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cats are skilled predators, and their natural instincts are directly connected to the big cats in the wild. Domesticated cats may prefer a fuzzy blanket to life in the wilderness, but that pampering usually isn't enough to suppress their natural urges to hunt, pounce, and kill. Even indoor cats that are well fed and mentally stimulated have been known to harass any bird that gets too close. However, the cat in this video is the exception.

Before you let your cat loose to play with your bird, remember overcoming those natural instincts isn't always possible for some indoor predators. Be confident in your cat's behavior and be aware of the risk before trying to recreate this friendly encounter.

Do you have a cat and a bird that get along? Let us know in the comments.

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Nicest Cat Ever Just Wants to Pet the Pretty Bird