NFL Ravens Offensive Tackle Adopts Pit Bull

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos via BARCS/Facebook

Ronnie Stanley asked a shelter for a dog that no one else wanted, and he came home with Winter the pit bull.

NFL rookie offensive Ronnie Stanley stopped by Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) last week with his girlfriend and fellow teammate Alexander Lewis (#72). They came home with a happy-go-lucky pit bull named Winter.

It was a "Happy Tail," as the shelter dubbed it. According to BARCS, the football player approached the front desk and said:

"We are looking for [a] dog that's been here a long time and may be not-so-adoptable."


The shelter went on to say that:

"Not-so-adoptable" can mean a lot of things here...senior pets, physically imperfect, on-going medical and more."

They showed Stanley and his girlfriend a few pawtential candidates, but Winter was the lucky pup that stood out to Stanley. Breed specific legislation was dropped in 2014 in Maryland, but many people still hold fast to the aggressive stereotype against the lovable pit bull, leaving far too many stuck at shelters.

Winter had a difficult past. At six years old, she was found dehydrated on an abandoned property with a hanging belly, likely the result of overbreeding, a sad situation revealed in many puppy mill raids. This physical quality is not seen as the most attractive trait to many wannabe dog owners seeking the perfect pup, so dogs like Winter get passed by. But not by tough guy Ronnie Stanley.


While Stanley and his girlfriend signed paperwork and went through an adoption class, Lewis stepped in to carry heavy loads of dog food for the staff. Lewis has adopted pets of his own, who he reportedly misses so much his mom is now making a road trip to reunite the furry companions with their dad--just in time for Father's Day.

Ravens players have a longstanding history with BARCS, with many participating in "Pawject Runway," an annual fundraiser. No dog is turned away from BARCS.

All photos via BARCS/Facebook.

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NFL Ravens Offensive Tackle Adopts Pit Bull