Gentle Giant: Newfoundland Acts Like Big Brother to Little Baby

Posted by Paige Cerulli
newfoundland and baby

Sebastian, a giant Newfoundland, carefully watches over new baby, Sierra, in a very cute and big-brotherly way. 

When bringing home a new baby, one of your major concerns is often how well your dog will take to the baby. Some dogs do just fine with new babies, but other dogs may become stressed, feel threatened, or even act aggressively.

Introducing a dog to a baby needs to be done carefully to ensure the baby's safety and to create a positive environment for both dog and baby. In this video, Sebastian the Newfoundland demonstrates just how well dogs can get along with babies.

Here, Sebastian lies on the floor with his new baby sister, Sierra. Sebastian is a huge dog, but he's quite comfortable and interested in the baby. It certainly makes for a cute video - take a look.

If you plan to bring home a baby, it's so important to introduce the baby to your dog gradually. Always have the dog on a leash when you let him meet the baby, and introduce the baby during times when your dog is calm and relaxed. Carefully monitor your dog's body language for signs that he is getting excited or uncomfortable, and immediately remove the baby.

Even once you feel confident that your dog accepts and even likes the baby, never leave the baby alone with the dog. Keep the dog out of the baby's room and carefully supervise them both any time that they are together. You'll need to continue this supervision as your baby grows into a toddler - toddlers can pinch and grab dogs, and dogs don't always appreciate this.

If you run into difficulties in introducing your baby to the dog, then a canine behaviorist may be able to help you. Many dogs can do just fine with babies in the home, especially if you take the time necessary to train the dog and ensure that he's comfortable with the baby.

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Gentle Giant: Newfoundland Acts Like Big Brother to Little Baby