Newborn Calf Abandoned on Roadside Gets a Second Chance at Life

Posted by TF Oren

When Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a newborn calf that had been dumped on a roadside, rescuers wasted no time getting to the scene.

The little calf had been born on a dairy farm, where male calves are a burden to farmers. The farmer removed the calf from its mother to prevent him from drinking her valuable milk.

Still wet with afterbirth, the tiny calf was huddled in a patch of dirt. An Animal Aid Rescue Team worker quickly wrapped the baby in a blanket and took him to the truck to transport him to the rescue facility.

As soon as he arrived at Animal Aid, he got his first bottle and some much needed comfort.

Rescuers named him "Dil," which means "heart" in Hindi.

Today, Dil is a happy, healthy, growing baby boy who will live out his days at Animal Aid, surrounded by other rescued animals.

Click here to learn about Animal Aid's lifesaving work on behalf of India's street animals and contribute to help the organization save more precious lives like Dil's.

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