Horseback Riders Refused Service at New Zealand McDonald's Drive-Thru

Posted by Allie Layos
Buriram Thailand - January 3 2017: McDonald's fast food restaurant with drive through and 24 hours service.

These New Zealand women were refused service when they rode their horses through a McDonald's drive-thru. 

McDonald's drive-thru is for cars only, as two New Zealand women discovered recently, when they tried to ride their horses through the drive-thru and were turned away.

The incident took place at a New Zealand McDonald's located on Florence Ave in north Auckland township a few weeks back.

It was witnessed by Orewa local Aspen Bruce, who looked out her office window at just the right time. She was stunned to see the pair riding their horses through the drive-thru, and noticed that a line of six cars was forming behind the horses as they walked up to the first window.

In an interview with Stuff, Bruce said it was a shame they weren't served.

"I'm not sure why they wouldn't get served seeing as horses were the main mode of transport less than a century ago."

But McDonald's refused service for health and safety reasons, citing horses in a line of cars to be dangerous. The company refuses to serve pedestrians in the drive-thru for the same reason.

But if you're out riding and really craving a Big Mac, it's possible you could still get lucky. A woman named Emma Mcleod managed to ride her horse, Bear, through a Kaiapoi McDonald's drive-thru three years ago.

Do you think the riders should have been served? Let us know below! 

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Horseback Riders Refused Service at New Zealand McDonald's Drive-Thru