New Zealand Jockey Dies After Terrible Accident at Tapanui Racing Club

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Rebecca Black was racing on Sunday when her horse tripped and fell.

Rebecca Black, a 39-year-old jockey from New Zealand, was racing in the eighth race at Tapanui Racing Club yesterday, Sunday, December 18. During the race, Black's horse Point Proven stumbled and fell, taking Black down with him. The mount directly behind her, Misscattlecreek, went down as well but the rider was unhurt. Misscattlecreek suffered injuries though, and had to be euthanized after the race.

As paramedics ran onto the track, they declared Black dead on scene. New Zealand police told the Otago Daily Times that Black's body has been sent to the coroners for further investigation into the exact cause of death. Two of her children had attended the race and watched the fall.

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Rebecca Black, mother of three, recently returned to racing after a neck injury from a fall in 2003. She returned to racing in 2010 and had ridden many track winners over the past six years, 108 winners from 1,264 starts to be exact.

Black's ex-husband Kelvin Tyler said that horses have always been her passion. He told the New Zealand Herald:

"She was a horse person. It's all she does and she's good at it."

Counseling has been offered to all the jockeys close to Black as well as for her friends and family.

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New Zealand Jockey Dies After Terrible Accident at Tapanui Racing Club