New York Cemetery Offers Burial Services to Pets and Their Owners

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Man and dog in the cemetery

In New York, pet owners now have the option of burying their pets in cemeteries, and one cemetery group has become the first to offer this service.

In September, New York State passed the Pet Burial Law which allows pets to be buried in cemeteries with their owners. Now, Forest Lawn Group Cemeteries has become the first cemetery in the state to allow pet burials. Pet owners can bury dogs, cats, and other cremated pets in the Forest Lawn Group cemeteries.

Joseph Dispenza, President of Forest Lawn Group Cemeteries, told WKBW:

"At the Forest Lawn Group, we believe that allowing the incident interment of the cremated remains of domestic pets is an important step for us to take. It allows us to better meet the emotional needs of the many families and individuals who have a strong bond with their pets, including service dogs and police K9 corps."

Pet owners will not have to pay fees for the graves themselves, but there are other fees associated with the pet burial. Those fees will go toward the cemetery's maintenance fund.

Several tombstones on a graveyard

Due to law, burial of pets in cemeteries for humans was previously prohibited. Special pet cemeteries provide resting places for pets, but they may not be located conveniently for pet owners. Home burial is sometimes an option, though pet owners should definitely check their local laws to make sure that burial on their property is permitted. There are many services which provide cremation for pets, and some facilities offer different options at various price points.

But for New Yorkers who have a treasured pet, spending eternity by their side is now an option with cemetery burial. Do you think this is a trend which will catch on?

Would you want to be buried with your pet? Let us know in the comments below.

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New York Cemetery Offers Burial Services to Pets and Their Owners