New York Mets Outfielder Drops $7K on a Show Hog

Posted by Mateja Lane
Twitter/Sporting News MLB

Yoenis Cespedes, the New York Mets outfielder, spent $7,000 yesterday by buying a 270-pound show pig. 

According to the Mets Twitter handle In Mets We Trust, New York Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes went to the St. Lucie County Fair over the weekend and walked away with a new 270-pound companion.

Cespedes bought the pig from 14-year-old Cole Pallas, a 4-H member who led the pig to Grand Champion during the pig show the day earlier.

"He was in a bit of a bidding war for it," a team spokesman said.

Cespedes paid Cole and his grandmother $7,000, signed a bat for Cole, and took a picture with the family.

Cespedes was in full cowboy gear at the fair and recently rode a horse to the Mets spring training camp.

Will the New York Mets get a surprise appearance from a show pig next?

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New York Mets Outfielder Drops $7K on a Show Hog