New York Dog Drives Around Window Shopping in His Mini Luxury Cars

Posted by Mateja Lane
shih tzu driving a mini car

Beep, beep- The most stylish dog in New York is coming through. 

Luigi Maestro, the five-year-old Shih Tzu, has an impressive car collection. Think mini Bentleys, Mercedes G-Wagens, and Ferraris.

Luigi's owner, Anisha Lakha, has a good, if a bit ridiculous, point. Humans can walk but we have cars because it's more fun; so why shouldn't dogs get around in cars, too?

Luigi stops New Yorkers in their tracks as he maneuvers his way along the sidewalk. And rightly so- the sight of Luigi in his luxury cars is becoming a tourist attraction in the Big Apple.

In order to keep up appearances, Luigi has a pretty extensive wardrobe. But Lakha insists she isn't spoiling her pup. She is visibly making him happy so it can't be a bad thing!

The duo, since Lakha controls the cars from behind, may get some eye rolling, but generally they are greeted with "warmth and smiles." The sight of a dog in a car is one that can even melt a New Yorker's heart.

Pets put a smile on anyone's face and if said pet happens to be in a car, the smile is even bigger.

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