New Pet Relief Bathroom Opens at JFK Airport

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Pets are being catered to in New York's busiest airport with an indoor pee station just for them.

When you're traveling independently, it's annoying to have to lug your carry-ons and airport food into the bathroom with you, only to come back to your seat in the terminal and find it taken over by a family with screaming toddlers.

But at least you get to go to the bathroom.

AP Photo/William Mathis via PennLive

Traveling canines and felines have historically had to hold their pee in airports once they pass through the terminal, which could mean hours if a plane gets delayed.

Smokers had private rooms to do their thang long before pets, but nomadic animals are finally getting a place all to themselves to do their business without having to pass through security again.

The John F. Kennedy International Airport recently constructed an indoor pet relief area. A faux grass mat and fire hydrant adorn the animal bathroom. The tiled floor can be hosed down. Baggies are provided to pick up after number two.

The majority of airports have pet relief stations outside the terminal, but that trend is evolving. In addition to the JFK Airport, a handful of other airports have indoor pet bathrooms. If you're looking to travel with a pet, for convenience sake, you might look into a layover in one of these cities. The Detroit Airport even has a sprinkler system in its airport grassland for pets, constructed in 2014.

The Denver Airport has an on-site pet boarding facility that's more like a full-fledge pet spa, replete with pet massages, a dog-bone-shaped pool, medical experts, and--why not--big screen TVs. Don't forget the animal wall art.


But pets still have to hold their bladders aboard the airplanes. Maybe pet bathroom installments on aircrafts are in the foreseeable future.

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New Pet Relief Bathroom Opens at JFK Airport