New Mexico Town Buys Back Its Wild Horse Herd from the Livestock Board

Posted by Allie Layos

When a wild horse herd faced an uncertain future, this town leapt into action.

The town of Alto, New Mexico is the official guardian of a herd of wild horses.

When a dozen wild horses were penned by a private property owner near Alto on August 29, and picked up by the New Mexico Livestock Board, their future looked uncertain.

Upon learning that the horses were scheduled for auction, citizens of Alto pulled together to rescue them. In just a few days, they placed hundreds of calls and raised more than $21,000 through the website GoFundMe.


The advocates planned to bid on the herd at the auction, but it turned out they didn't need to. Officials with the New Mexico Livestock Board agreed to return the now microchipped horses to Alto, as long as they were kept contained until the legal process ran its course.

They would then be released back into the wild.

Upon hearing this news at their Monday meeting, hundreds of Alto citizens burst into applause.

The horses are staying in New Mexico.

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