Now Your Cat Has a Luxury Hotel Option When You Go to London

Posted by Tori Holmes

Have plans to visit London? With the opening of Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Norbury, there's no reason your cat can't join you!

A brand new hotel in Norbury, a suburb in South West London, has opened its doors this month, and its guests don't all walk on two legs.

Located in the yard of a private home, Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Norbury is described as a "boutique luxury hotel" with six high-end suites, each offering panoramic views of a leafy garden. All designed for feline guests.

Cat hotel

Each suite is climate controlled and opens on top to a secure private play area with climbing structures so your cat can burn off some excess energy.

cat hotel

During their stay, all felines will get to experience the wonder that is room service and plenty of one-on-one care and play by the hotel's staff.

Launched by Abi Purser in 2010, Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Group has been a success since the start. The hotel's primary goal is to provide their residents with the same great environment they would enjoy at home - purrhaps even better!

Learn more about Abi Purser's mission with her hotels with the short documentary below.

To learn more about Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Norbury or to book a stay for your kitty, click here.

Has your cat ever stayed in a cat hotel? Let us know in the comments!

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Now Your Cat Has a Luxury Hotel Option When You Go to London