New Kickstarter Offers Freeze-Dried Dog Treats for the Ethical Owner

Posted by Krissy Howard
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Purpose pet food offers ethical and nutritious options that owners can feel good about feeding their furbabies! 

A NYC-based pet food company is offering a line of freeze-dried pet food and treats that are not only packed with nutrients but are created with ethical values in mind. Created in 2014, Purpose is working to "set a new standard of quality" in the pet food industry by supporting independent, local farms while raising awareness around issues regarding animal welfare.

With their research, development, and test phases now complete, the small-batch company is currently working to raise funds to package and produce their first run of sales, a project that's been two and a half years in the making.

Be one of the first to try Purpose! Coming to Kickstarter. March 1st

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So what sets Purpose apart from the many raw-food pet products out there? They place the humane sourcing of their ingredients at the top of their list of priorities. Only working with suppliers who have a humanely-raised certification label or are known for practicing extensively humane methods of farming, Purpose works to provide an option "that's nutritious and also reflects our ethical values as animal lovers," as stated on their Kickstarter page.

The company offers a variety of human-grade formulas, all created free of steroids and antibiotics and designed to reflect what dogs would actually find themselves eating in the wild.

Why do we choose humanely raised products?

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The company is working to reach their $10,000 goal by April 1st. To back this project and claim any number of rewards, you can visit their Kickstarter page here.

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New Kickstarter Offers Freeze-Dried Dog Treats for the Ethical Owner