New Fence Doesn't Stop Stella from Escaping the Yard

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When Stella's owners put in a new fence, they assumed that it would keep their determined dog from jumping out of their yard. 

Sometimes, life with dogs doesn't work out quite as you'd expected it would. Our dogs surprise us all the time. Or sometimes the new fence, which you built specifically to keep your dog contained in your yard, just doesn't quite cut it. At least, that's what happened with Stella.

This video is short, but it's also so funny and true. I bet that most dog owners can commiserate with the man filming this video.

It's evidence of the hard work and money that we spend in order to make our dogs' lives better and safer...even if that doesn't always quite work out.

So, apparently the new fence isn't high enough to deter Stella's athleticism. If you have a dog who is difficult to keep in the yard, you may have faced this exact situation. The obvious answer to the problem is to further increase the fence height.

You'll also want to make sure that there are no objects near the fence that your dog can use to climb up higher, such as the mound of earth that Stella jumps off of in this video.

When planning to fence in your backyard, make sure that the fence extends downward into the earth. Dogs love to dig, and some determined dogs will dig their way right under the fence. Depending on the fencing type, you may be able to bury the bottom foot or so of fencing into the ground, making it far more difficult for your dog to burrow underneath.

Even if you think that your yard is safely enclosed, it's still important to monitor your dog while he's out in the yard. Don't leave him out in the yard when you're not home - you never know if he may find a way to escape, or if another animal may find its way into your yard.

That said, good, solid, high fencing can go a long ways toward keeping your dog safe and keeping unwelcome visitors out.

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New Fence Doesn't Stop Stella from Escaping the Yard