Mad Max Post-Apocalyptic Vest Helps Protect Small Dogs from Coyotes

Posted by Mateja Lane

A man lost his small dog to a coyote and decided to create a vest to stave off predators. CoyoteVest was born. 

Paul Mott was walking his small dogs near a park in San Diego in 2014 when a coyote snuck up and ran away with one, Buffy.

"It was the most terrible thing," he said. "I cried for a week. I felt so guilty. I felt so terrible. I've never been able to let it go."

Mott decided he needed to create some sort of protection device for small dogs to wear to deter coyotes.

A year later, CoyoteVest was born.


The Kevlar, bulletproof vest fits snugly around the dog, complete with spikes and CoyoteWhiskers. The vest goes up around the neck to avoid the predator shaking the pet and the "whiskers" replicate porcupine spikes.

The coyote wouldn't dare attack the pet when it has bristles going up its nose and into its eyes. CoyoteVest guarantees it.

There are also numerous accessories you can buy for the vest, including the Coyote Zapper which sends an electrical shock down the vest when the coyote bites the dog and the Coyote Collar which is essentially a spiked collar.


Although you may think your dog looks a little crazy, they will be safer in coyote territory. And they'll definitely be the talk of the town.

Mott took his dogs to the 2015 Carmel Poodle Day Parade dressed in their CoyoteVests.

"Everybody thought they were the most adorable 'punk rock' costumes created just for fun. They really are a lot cooler looking than we expected."

If you're ready to "kick some coyote butt" you can get a CoyoteVest here.

Tell us what you think of this vest in the comments below!

All photos via CoyoteVest

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Mad Max Post-Apocalyptic Vest Helps Protect Small Dogs from Coyotes