New 'Cheaper' Flea Medicine Is Making Cats Seize and Convulse

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A cheaper flea medicine caused serious issues for cats, driving home the importance of buying quality flea treatments from a reputable source.

If you want to save some money on your pets' care, opting for cheaper flea medicine isn't the way to do it. A video posted to social media has raised concerns about the effects of cheaper flea medicine, and the potential risks to animal health.

The video features two cats which were brought into a clinic when they started to experience seizures. The owner had treated the cats with Sergeants Silver Flea Control for Cats, which she had purchased at Dollar General for $5. The owner had bathed the cats three times in an attempt to remove the product, but since the product had been on the cats for between four and five hours, it was already absorbed into their skin.

You can see the videos below, but be warned, they're difficult to watch.

Luckily, the cats did fully recover, but the outcome could have been very different. Consumer Affairs has 706 complaints on record that have been filed against Sergeants.

When buying flea control products, it's important to avoid these cheaper products, which are usually cheaper for a reason. The ingredients aren't reliable or regulated, and many cheap flea treatments don't list all of their ingredients. Some even contain permethrin, which can cause neurological damage and side effects. Such products can result in brain damage which can permanently change the cat's mood and character. 

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Another potential issue arises if owners purchase flea treatments intended for dogs, but use them on cats. These treatments often include ingredients which are harmful to cats, and which can even cause death in felines. It's so important to thoroughly read the package for any flea treatment, and use it only on the species and ages specified. Be sure that you also understand and follow all of the directions.

To best protect your pet, buy flea treatments only from a reputable source, like your veterinarian. The cost of emergency vet bills, or the loss of your pet's life will quickly negate any savings you might gain by buying cheaper flea treatment alternatives.

Where do you buy your pet's flea treatments? Tell us in the comments below. 

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New 'Cheaper' Flea Medicine Is Making Cats Seize and Convulse