New Series 'My Fat Pet' to Help Unhealthy, Obese Pets Lose Weight

Posted by Amber King
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Animal Planet's newest show will be like "The Biggest Loser," but for pets.

Dogs and cats suffer from obesity in the same way humans do. It affects their health and quality of life and can even lead to shortened lifespans. In an effort to raise awareness and help pet owners keep their furry friends trim and healthy, Animal Planet is set to debut a new show, "My Fat Pet."

The series will be hosted by expert animal trainer, Travis Brorsen. He'll lead overweight pets and their owners along a four-month journey toward a slimmer waste and healthier lifestyle. A press release about the show explains how Brorsen will meet with families and create individualized weight loss plans for their dogs and cats. He changes their diets and exercise routines and shows owners how their actions affect their pets.

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Viewers can also expect to see Brorsen implement "creative techniques" as incentives to keep families on track. In one episode, a pet owner is asked to wear a weighted vest to feel first-hand how much extra weight their obese pet is forced to carry around.

At the end of the four months, Brorsen returns to the families for a final weigh-in. The scale doesn't lie, and it's easy to see whether or not the family has adhered to Brorsen's instructions.

Each animal featured on the show will be at extreme risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart failure because of their obesity. And in almost every case, the owner is at least partly responsible. Pets need proper diet and exercise to remain healthy, and "My Fat Pet" aims to educate pet owners and help them help their overweight pets.

The new series is set to premiere on Animal Planet this fall.

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New Series 'My Fat Pet' to Help Unhealthy, Obese Pets Lose Weight