You Never Know What's Going to Happen When Filming in a Barn

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This mouthy horse gets up to major trouble behind the camera, but the cameraman kept his cool!

How many times have you watched a video or news report and never really thought about the conditions that the camera operator was filming under? When working around horses, unexpected things are just bound to crop up.

This mouthy horse shows just what camera operators go through, and how difficult it can sometimes be to get a great shot.

Take a look at this mouthy horse as he nibbles at the cameraman's ear, then decides that grabbing and tugging on the back of his collar would be more fun. Clearly this horse just wants some extra attention - in fact, it seems like he wants the camera focused on himself instead. And while he doesn't do serious damage, he clearly gets a nip off on the cameraman's ear when his antics go unnoticed.

Take a look:

Luckily the cameraman in this video seems pretty good-natured about the whole event, but another person might not have taken the situation so well. Mouthy horses may seem funny and even entertaining, but they can cause serious damage if they take to biting humans. A mouthy horse is also more likely to bite and break objects, which could result in injury to the horse, too.

If you own a mouthy horse, it's best to get this behavior under control quickly. Do not allow the horse to chew on objects like lead lines, brushes, or other items that aren't his. Be particularly vigilant about not allowing the horse to mouth at your hands or face, even if he does so gently. It's easy for the mouthiness to get out of hand and turn into biting.

Provide your horse with plenty of safe entertainment by giving him toys in his stall and allowing him free choice to hay to combat boredom.

With a bit of work, mouthy horses can be managed and hopefully they'll never get to the point where they bite or nip people.

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You Never Know What's Going to Happen When Filming in a Barn