Nest Cameras Capture What Pets Really Do When Home Alone

Posted by Stacey Venzel

The real secret lives of pets are being captured by hidden cameras, giving owners insight into the minds of their animals.

"Secret Life of Pets" is No. 1 at the box office, but social media is abuzz with the real hidden lives of pets, captured by Nest Cams, when owners aren't home.

Nest Cam videos are equally entertaining and informative. Humans can get a hearty chuckle out of a dog moving kitchen chairs around to steal food from the toaster oven or cats snoozing on the bed until they hear that key in the lock. But owners are also learning about the bad manners of their furry family members.

An animal behaviorist teamed up with Nest Cam to decipher normal versus abnormal behavior. Spying on your pet can actually teach a lot about the mindset of the animal, allowing an owner to know if stress or boredom are leading to unruly behavior or if the unwanted actions are actually instinctual.

For example, a dog urinated on a Nest Cam hidden in a tree after sniffing it. A human's initial reaction to this would be one of disgust, as the dog was certainly trained not to pee in the house. But the canine's action is actually his way of marking territory, claiming the new and foreign Nest Cam.

Knowing that territorial urination is an innate evolutionary trait can offer understanding to an owner and suggest ways to deter the pet from repeating the activity. Masking the foreign scent and being sure to walk your dog often are two easy steps to take.

Separation anxiety is also a leading cause of destructive behavior. It causes distress in a pet, resulting in torn sofas and ingested garbage--not to mention hefty payments on house repairs and vet bills. Doggy training and taking steps to calm your pet can help certain acts of destruction.

If you're concerned about why your dog is doing an unwanted behavior, a Nest Cam could be the answer to your problems. The cam-corders are on sale for just $199.

Or, you could just see what the pets do when home alone in "Secret Life of Pets."

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Nest Cameras Capture What Pets Really Do When Home Alone