Neighbors Pull a Horse to Safety When It Broke Through Iced-Over Creek

Posted by Krissy Howard

When a 1,500-pound horse fell through thin ice, one small Canadian town came together to pull off a daring rescue. 

Sources report that 20-year-old Cody Scott, of Rimbey, Alberta, Canada, found his neighbor's 1,500-pound Clydesdale stuck in freezing-cold water after she had apparently fallen through an iced-over creek. Scott's neighbor had approached him just before he made the discovery, asking for help in locating the animal who had just gone missing.

After stumbling upon the stunned and freezing mare, Scott called a group of his neighbors over to help pull her out of the water, and together they spent between two and three hours attempting to help her up onto dry land.

"We were fighting against time," Scott said in an interview with ABC News.

"I could tell she was incredibly weak due to her breathing, and, at one point, it almost seemed like she was giving up."

When their first attempt to use a rope and sled to pull the horse from the water didn't work, Scott ran home to call the local fire department before returning with his snowmobile, which he used to "winch the horse out".

Or at least, they tried to. The weight of the horse broke the snowmobile's belt, forcing the crew to go back to their original rope method. Luckily for the Clydesdale, their efforts paid off this time. Reaching his hand into the water, Scott was able to wrap the rope around the horse's front leg, which led to her safe return home.

"That gave her enough leverage to put her second front foot on top of the ice, too," he said. "Soon, she was able to get her whole upper body above the water, and then the fire department showed up, and we all were able to pull her out successfully."

The horse was taken to a veterinary clinic and other than being "pretty cold and certainly very tired," she's said to be in good health and is expected to make a full recovery. She's also been given a new, befitting nickname: Lucky.

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Neighbors Pull a Horse to Safety When It Broke Through Iced-Over Creek