Neglected Rescue Dog Finds a Foster Friend Who Helps Her Relax

Posted by Krissy Howard
Images by A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue via The Dodo

While she learns to remain calm, the other gets to practice coming out of his shell. These two foster siblings show each other how to live and love again.

Kingston and Lola sure didn't have it easy before making their way to A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue, a no-kill, foster-based organization in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

Kingston, a four-year-old Dalmatian mix was found running the city streets of nearby Flint, dragging a tire attached to a padlocked chain around his neck.

"They stopped him and took him right to the vet. He had cuts all over his neck and face," said eventual foster mom, Susan Robelli, a volunteer with the group, in an interview with The Dodo.

Kingston was placed with a different volunteer, and in the meantime, Robelli took in Lola, who was surrendered by a man who purchased her from a puppy mill. Because he had little time to care for and train her, Lola was confined to a crate 24/7, and as a result, was a very hyper and unsocialized dog when she came into Robelli's home.

"You couldn't calm her down," Robelli said. "The more stressed she got, the more high-strung she got."

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When the two foster dogs were brought in to appear at a local radio station to help a man propose to his future wife, it was love at first sight.

"They met there, and Kingston fell in love with her and started kissing her," Robelli recalled. "Lola's just kind of a crazy girl, so it was pretty impressive to everybody that he could do that."

After thinking about it for a while, Robelli invited Kingston into her home too, and the pair were inseparable from the start, playing, eating, and sleeping together, always. In their four weeks spent living together, the duo helped each other with the issues they struggled with, setbacks that may have prevented them from finding their forever homes.

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"Kingston didn't have the inside skills because he was a street dog, so he didn't know how to behave in a house," Robelli said. "Then here comes Lola who isn't afraid of anything, so she kind of guides him, and he's confident to try things because of her."

She went on to add that Kingston helped Lola learn to stay calm, and not get so wound up in the face of strange new things.

Thanks to Lola's kindness, Kingston has found his forever home. Lola is still waiting to meet her perfect match, but thanks to the time she spent with her kindred spirit, Robelli doesn't think it should be too much longer until Lola's big day and is just waiting for the right active person to come along and be swept off their feet.

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Images by A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue via The Dodo

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Neglected Rescue Dog Finds a Foster Friend Who Helps Her Relax