Need to Work Your Horse? Hire Some Guinea Fowl

Posted by Paige Cerulli
bird and horse

An unusually talented bird proves that he will work your horse, and he will do it well. 

Do you have a horse who could use some exercise? Don't have time to lunge or ride your horse? No problem. This guinea fowl will work your horse for you.

In this video, this bird proves he's better at lunging horses than many humans are. He'll ensure that this horse gets plenty of exercise, and there's no standing around grazing when this bird is on duty.

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If your horses have put on a few extra pounds and need to get back into shape, you might want to hire this assertive little guinea fowl.

Whip and the Bird

If you thought the Bird only provided exercise for Cappy...think again! He encourages all visitors to get their workout!

Posted by Steplin Sporthorses on Saturday, July 15, 2017

Don't have a bird handy to work your horse? That's okay, there are a few other ways you can keep your horse fit, even when you don't have time to ride every day. First, make sure your horse receives plenty of turnout time, ideally in a group, since horses will naturally run and play together.

If increased turnout time doesn't do enough, think about finding someone to partially lease your horse. A partial lease will help to keep your horse exercised when you don't have time, and you'll even bring in some money to help with board and care costs in the process.

You might also consider putting your horse into training board. A trainer can work your horse for you, and training board is particularly advantageous when you're working through training issues with your horse.

Getting enough exercise is essential in order for a horse to be healthy. And if you don't have time, then maybe you can find a talented bird to lunge your horse for you.

Would your horse let himself be lunged by a bird? Tell us in the comments below.

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Need to Work Your Horse? Hire Some Guinea Fowl