Need to Work Out? These Ponies Should Be Plenty Motivation

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Have a hard time motivating yourself to work out? These adorable ponies should be able to help. 

It's winter, it's cold out, and no one wants to head outdoors to work out when it's so much easier to stay seated in front of the fire. Especially during the holidays, it's all too easy to lose your motivation to work out, and it's also too easy to pack on a little extra weight.

But we have a solution for you. Meet the motivational ponies. These ponies will go work out with you. They'll stretch, they'll jog, and they'll be right there alongside when you feel like quitting because you're tired. Plus, they'll keep you accountable - you wouldn't want to leave these adorable ponies waiting, would you?

Here is the ultimate motivational workout video for equestrians. Take a look at these great workout partners.

That's how horse people start their day! 😍💪 FInd more: © Pierre Fleury

Posted by Horse Planet on Friday, August 4, 2017

Okay, so maybe jogging with your pony halterless down a road isn't the best way to go about working out. In fact, please don't do that. But you can incorporate your horse into your workouts - and no, we don't mean just riding. (Though riding absolutely IS a workout for both horse and rider.)

Want to get fitter and have your horse along for the process? Consider taking your horse for a hike. Hit the local riding trails on foot, and intersperse jogging sessions into your hike. It's a great way to build your strength and endurance, and if you're rehabilitating a horse, it can be a useful strategy to bring them back into fitness, too. Want to make your workout more challenging? Find some hills and do a bit of hill work. (Just take it slow, please. Too much hill work right off the bat can leave you and your horse sore.)


Still not thrilled about working out? Remember, the more fit you keep yourself, the more effective a rider you can be. Your horse will thank you!

How do you stay motivated to work out? Let us know in the comments!

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Need to Work Out? These Ponies Should Be Plenty Motivation