Need the Perfect Gift for the Selfie-Obsessed Pet Lover? Look No Further!

Posted by TF Oren
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Selfies and pets...two very popular things. 

Selfies with pets...equally popular.

Have you been racking your brain for what to get the friend or family member who has everything?

Well, if this person is all about the selfies (and also a pet lover) you're in luck. We've got the perfect gift idea for you!

"Knock Knock Petsies, a Photo Album of Me, My Pet, and I" is a photo album designed specifically for pet-obsessed, selfie aficionados. A place for all the pet photos, this picture album is the perfect place to compile all their favorite pictures of their best friend.

The 6.5 x 6.5" photo album has 16 pages and room for 27 images. Each page has pre-cut slots to accommodate a 2x2", 3x3", or 4x4" printed photo. The album's padded hardcover boasts mirrored embellishments and foil detailing. It's a pet keepsake and memory book perfect for any coffee table.

Each of the album's 16 pages has pre-cut slots to accommodate three different sizes of photos.

This clever photo book encourages everyday photographers to transfer some of their pet-centric art from their smartphones into a keepsake album they can have forever. Every animal lover knows they have plenty of pet pictures clogging up their phones! It's basically a brag book of favorite photos.

The album also includes a brief history of the pet selfie (the "petsie").

The album costs just $11.99 (not including shipping) and you can order it here.

Knock Knock, the manufacturer of Knock Knock Petsies, is a California-based book and paper product company. You can check out some of their other products and best sellers here.

Dog lovers, crazy cat ladies, horse aficionados, and every domestic animal in between need their own memory album!

What do you think of this timely gift idea? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Need the Perfect Gift for the Selfie-Obsessed Pet Lover? Look No Further!