Nearly 50 Puppies and Adult Dogs Found Abandoned at Canada Dump

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Global News

These dogs are lucky to be alive.

Nearly 50 puppies and adult dogs were found in bad shape at a local dump in Alberta, Canada, according to a report by Global News.

A call from a concerned citizen who witnessed the dogs prompted workers from the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society to make a 10-hour drive from Calgary to assess the situation.

"She works in the community up there and just said that a large number of unspayed female dogs that had littered recently were in need of homes," said AARCS executive director Deanna Thompson in an interview with the news outlet.

Once they arrived, they found a total of 48 dogs dehydrated and badly emaciated and took them in with the help of the animal rescue group, Northern Alberta's New Beginnings Animal Rescue Society.

After receiving the appropriate care and vaccinations by a partnering vet, the dogs are now waiting to be put up for adoption and to find foster homes, including one new mama and her 11 surviving pups - one of which sadly died before making it in for an evaluation.

48 PUPPIES + DOGS RESCUED! 💚 They arrived into AARCS' care just last night.In coordination with New Beginnings Animal...

Posted by Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society - AARCS on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The overpopulation of the dogs is attributed to lack of accessible spay and neuter programs, which typically allows people of all economic walks to prevent the unwanted births of litters they have no way to feed or care for.

Communities with low-cost spay and neuter services typically see much lower rates of stray and/or abandoned dogs and work to keep shelter intake rates low as well.

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Nearly 50 Puppies and Adult Dogs Found Abandoned at Canada Dump