NBA Warriors Greet Hurricane Irma Rescue Cats and Dogs at Airport

Posted by Krissy Howard
SF Gate

Opposing NBA teams joined forces to see off and receive more than 150 stray animals in need of shelter after Hurricane Irma displacement. 

A slew of pets displaced by Hurricane Irma have already found new homes on the other side of the country, and they got a warm welcome from NBA team, the Golden State Warriors.

Over 150 animals made their way across the country after the hurricane left Florida shelters overcrowded with displaced pets. Fortunately, several rescues in the Bay Area, including SF Animal Care and Control, Marin Humane, Hopalong Rescue, and the SPCA of Monterey County have opted to share their resources and open their doors, according to a report by SF Gate.

SF Gate

Team members were there to greet the newest California residents at the airport with a friendly hello and even a walk around the tarmac as soon as they landed.

"It's been eye-opening to learn about all the animals affected by natural disasters like Hurricane Irma," said Warriors center, Zaza Pachulia.


In addition to receiving a hero's welcome in California, the animals got a sweet send-off from their fellow Floridians the Miami Heat, before taking off and starting this new chapter of their lives.

This, of course, isn't the only time rescue organizations have had to step up to help our four-legged friends in the face of disaster, and rescuers have learned a lot along the way, both in terms of logistics, and doing the right thing.

"We learned a lot of lessons after Katrina," said Marine Humane spokeswoman, Lisa Bloch. "One big lesson was you don't take owned animals."

Until the animals find their forever homes, they will be living in the shelters mentioned above, as well as in the foster homes of some volunteers.

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NBA Warriors Greet Hurricane Irma Rescue Cats and Dogs at Airport