National Guard Member Shares Photos of 70 Pets He Rescued from Floods

Posted by Jason Sarna
Hurricane Harvey
Photos by Josiah Meharg via Imgur

People are loving this collection of photos.

Texas Army National Guard member Josiah Meharg shared a collection of photos of animals he'd rescued from Hurricane Harvey on Imgur.

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The photos instantly became a hit, racking up over a quarter million views. People loved the pictures of the dogs, and one stray pig, getting rescued from the rising waters.

I rescued 70 pets from flooded neighborhood near Houston yesterday

Meharg, who is from San Marcos, arrived in Houston on Saturday with a team of about 12. "The scene down there, matches up with pictures you've been seeing on social. Catastrophic," he said. "The extent of the flood is beyond imagination. And only today [Wednedsay night] did the rain finally stop. We were soaked for days but didn't let it get our spirits down."

Meharg also rescued some cats and over 122 people.

"Most people were reluctant to leave their homes worried about looters and leaving everything they've worked for, but once they were out of their neighborhoods and saw the massiveness of the floods, they had a change of heart," he said. "Everyone we have picked up has been so brave. No one seemed scared or panicked. Us Texans are strong and these people were a perfect example of that."

Despite all the good Meharg has done, he still wishes he could do more. On the bottom of his Imgur post, he wrote: "Yesterday was devastating, the amount of people and pets I couldn't rescue in time is weighing on me so I'm trying to cheer myself up by posting about the beautiful animals I could save."

If you would like to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, click here for more information.

Have you ever rescued an animal or a person? Let us know in the comments section below!

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National Guard Member Shares Photos of 70 Pets He Rescued from Floods