National Feral Cat Day Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Posted by Stacey Venzel
feral cat

Feral cats gain recognition on a day that's about "all cats, all communities."

On October 16, 2001, Alley Cat Allies (ACA) launched National Feral Cat Day to raise awareness about the "alley cat" community and to humanely address the growing population concern.

The organization now has a website dedicated to the holiday, abiding by the slogan "All Cats All Communities." (Feral cats are also referred to as "community cats.")

feral cat

Ferals live in colonies on city streets, woods, neighborhoods, and parks. Trap-neuter-release programs (TNR) help population control through sterilization. Cats can reproduce quickly, but groups like ACA remind cat lovers--and haters--that these felines are not at fault. They, too, deserve a chance to live.

In addition to TNR, many organizations aim to scoop up street kitties with a more approachable demeanor. If they are capable of bonding with a human, shelters and non-profits seek feral adoption. Others are being adopted for pest control.

However, other organizations also round up the felines and euthanize them as a means to an end for cats that cannot be socialized.

feral cat

On National Feral Cat Day, check out some feral kitties up for adoption by Alley Cat Allies. And ask yourself what you can do to help these felines.

You can stat by using #feralcatday to give these meow-meows a proper shoutout.

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