Natasha the Coyote Is a Housepet, Loves to Play with Her Kitty Friend

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Natasha the coyote and her cat are best friends and are totally adorable when they play together. 

We've all heard the term "fight like cats and dogs," and often that's the case when you combine canines and felines. But every so often you'll find a cat and dog pair that get along fabulously.

So in that sense, this video isn't surprising. What is surprising is the fact that the dog in the video isn't a dog at all - it's a coyote named Natasha.

Natasha lives in a home with her owner and this adorable cat, and from the looks of it, Natasha and the cat get along fabulously. Here they're having a great time playing together. Take a look!

Natasha's owner purchased her from a coyote breeder when she was just 18 days old. Since Natasha has been bottle fed and raised by hand, she's quite at ease in the home environment.

Natasha's owner posts videos and photos to his Facebook page to help educate the public about coyotes. Though Natasha is certainly adorable, it's important to remember that she is still a wild animal. Owning a coyote isn't the right choice for everyone. Coyotes are energetic and destructive, and incredibly athletic.

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Even more important, you should never take a coyote from the wild, whether it's a pup or adult, with hopes of raising it on your own.

Coyotes really aren't your typical pets - again, wild animals here - and Natasha's owner repeatedly notes how destructive they are. He encourages people not to get coyotes as pets, but instead to be aware of how incredible these wild animals are.

Have you ever owned an unusual pet? Tell us in the comments below!

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Natasha the Coyote Is a Housepet, Loves to Play with Her Kitty Friend