Mystery Box Dumped at a Carwash Contained a Precious Puppy Surprise

Posted by TF Oren
All photos courtesy of East Dallas Pet Rescue via The Dodo

Some workers at a Corsicana, Texas carwash got quite a surprise when they arrived at work on the morning of December 5.

Overnight, somebody had dumped a cardboard box on the premises. The box was wet, stained, and smelled terrible. What's more, something inside it was moving.

When carwash staff opened the box, they found three tiny puppies huddled together, desperately trying to keep warm. It had been a very cold night and the three had only each other to help warm themselves.


Workers took the puppies to a local shelter. Shelter staff then contacted Jaclyn Smith, the founder of East Dallas Pet Rescue.

When Smith learned about the puppies, she immediately dispatched a volunteer to collect them.


"The box was filthy; it had poop and dog food all over it," said Smith. "It was freezing cold last night," she added.

Within hours, a kind volunteer stepped up to foster the puppies. However, they'll soon need forever homes.


If you're interested in adopting one of these precious littles, or know someone who might be, contact East Dallas Pet Rescue via the organization's Facebook page.

All photos courtesy of East Dallas Pet Rescue via The Dodo.

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