My 2018 Equine New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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In 2018, I'll be working to fulfill these four equine New Year's resolutions in order to make myself a better rider and horse owner.

With 2018 upon us any day now, I find myself thinking about what my New Year's resolution will be. Rather than come up with the standard "I'm going to lose weight" or "I'm going to stop biting my nails," coming up with a few equine New Year's resolutions seemed to be a better route.

So, here they are. I have four equine New Year's resolutions that I'm going to set for 2018. Will I continue them all throughout the year? Who knows, but I'm sure going to try.

1. Improve My Health

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Yes, I know I said that these were equine New Year's resolutions - and they are. However, I want to improve my health so I can become a better rider. Part of that will mean finding a doctor who can get down to the root of whatever's caused a long-term back problem. Another part of this will be getting more fit so I'm a stronger, more effective rider.

2. Attend More Clinics

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It's been a few years since I've had a chance to attend a riding clinic, at least aside from the ones offered at the Equine Affaire. I want to make an effort to do that more, at least as an auditor. My young Thoroughbred might not be ready (or maybe she will be - who knows?) to go along, but there's plenty I can learn from the ground. I love hearing different trainers' suggestions and approaches to riding.

3. Learn! 

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In the horse world, there's always more learning to do. I'd like to delve more into the worlds of equine nutrition and body mechanics. And, of course, I can always stand to improve my horsemanship and riding. My mare and I will be heading to lessons this year, for sure, and I'm excited about the challenges that are to come.

4. Enjoy the Ride

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Sometimes it's all too easy to get swept up into this busy life. I've found that I've been spending much of my barn time thinking about what I have to do once I get back to the house. So, my last resolution for 2018 is to enjoy the ride by going on more trail rides, riding bareback, and spending more time fiddling in the barn and grooming horses just because I can. When I was a kid I would have killed for the opportunity to just walk out to my backyard and groom a horse. I'm going to appreciate that more and enjoy the experience for all that it is.


What are your equine New Year's resolutions? Tell us in the comments!

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My 2018 Equine New Year's Resolutions