The Versatile MultusProducts Leash Can Handle Anything

Posted by Mateja Lane
dog leash
All images via Mateja Lane

MultusProducts creates handles that can be used for virtually anything, including handling your dog.

Carrying a heavy box that would be easier with a handle? How about a bag that may break? Are you a hunter and need help with getting your quarry out of the woods? What about a dog owner who needs better control over their walks?

MultusProducts has something for all these necessities. And we got to try out the dog leash here at Wide Open Pets.

dog leash

Made of strong braided nylon, and coming in a pretty blue color, we liked it immediately. This was a quality-made leash and the loop felt good on the hand.

Cinched to the lead with a siding Prusik knot, was a small white handle that you could bring down closer to the collar before crossing the street, or if you needed better control. You can also attach the handle onto dual leashes or right onto the collar.

We ended up taking the handle off the leash but used it directly on our dog's collar. Did I mention it was versatile?

I had great control of our dog Boone who is a strong and weighs 75 pounds. As deceiving as this picture is, he can pull me right to the ground and by using this handle I could use more of my weight whenever I saw a squirrel on our walks.

dog leash

The handle is the right size for a good grip and was lightweight enough to slip in a pocket without it being too cumbersome.

dog leash

You can also attach the handle onto anything that you need a better grip on; it can hold loads up to 250 pounds! Not many dog leashes can do that. Plus the quality nylon material has been died into pretty colors ranging from yellow to red to pink.

dog leashes

Check out this versatile product on the Multus Products website and start handling your pets safer. They are still in their Kickstarter phase but if it makes it into production, this is one leash that can handle it all.

These versatile leashes each cost $24.95.

What do you think? Are you sick of your old leash? Tell us in the comments below. 

All images via Mateja Lane

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