This Muddy Horse Needs a Bath ASAP!

Posted by Paige Cerulli
muddy horse

This muddy horse might be one of the dirtiest horses we've ever seen.

Have you ever strolled out to the pasture, halter in hand, with plans of a fun afternoon ride to find your horse covered in mud? It's part of owning horses, and if you own a horse who loves the mud, then you've seen this scenario too many times.

We feel your pain, as does Atina's owner. Atina apparently loves mud and will happily roll in the biggest mud puddle she can find. The end results? Well, we'll just say that Atina really needs a bath.

Take a look for yourself!

If you have hopes of riding your muddy horse, the best strategy is to give the mud some time to dry before you tackle removing it. Use a curry and a stiff brush to break up the clumps of mud in order to remove it from your horse's coat. It will take some time, and your horse won't necessarily be clean at the end, but he will be less dirty (we hope).

Using a coat conditioner or polish after grooming can also help to remove some of the dust from your horse's coat. And if you're lucky enough to have access to a horse vacuum, that can help a lot, too.


If the mud is still wet, your best bet is a hose down or a bath, though you won't be able to ride right away after either of these options. If you do bathe your horse, just make sure you let him fully dry before turning him out again or he'll roll and quickly make himself muddy all over again.

How do you deal with a muddy horse? Let us know in the comments.

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This Muddy Horse Needs a Bath ASAP!