Each Time Mr. Toad Visits His Friend, He Gets a New Hat

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toad in a hat
All images via Imgur

Meet Mr. Toad, and see all his little hats. 

Chris Newsome is a 40-something-year-old man who has a creative side. Last summer a toad kept visiting his porch so he decided to fashion him some hats.

Because toads aren't complete without a little hat.

This is Mr. Toad. 


He kept coming to the porch like he was asking for something. He was obviously looking for a hat. 

mini pink felt hat

A pink one, specifically. So Newsome made him one. 

toad in a hat

But it was missing something. 

mini pink hat with a feather

A feather! Now the little pink pimp hat was complete. Mr. Toad deserves the best. 

toad in a pink hat

And then, Newsome found his calling in creating tiny hats for his toad friend. 

toad in a hat

Mr. Toad needed a cowboy hat for his collection. 

toad in hat

And Newsome's dog Daisy even modeled for him for scale. 

dog with little hat

Newsome told Buzzfeed News that he made the little hats and took pictures to cheer up a friend's son who had recently lost his pet toad.

"He asked me if Mr. Toad was still coming to visit me every night, so to make him feel better I sent him a photo to show that Mr. Toad was alive and well," Newsome said.

Newsome posted the pictures to Imgur and it made people around the world very happy.

imgur thread

Newsome is hoping that the toad will return this summer so he can make him some new hats.

Tell us what you think of these hats in the comments below. 

All images via Imgur

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Each Time Mr. Toad Visits His Friend, He Gets a New Hat