Move Over Human Rockstars...These Zebra Finches Shred Like No Other

Posted by TF Oren

If you thought birds' musical talents were limited to vocals, think again.

French artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot set out to showcase the musical stylings of a group of zebra finches with an unusual installation at London's Barbican Centre.

The exhibit features an amplified electric guitar situated horizontally, so that it acts as a perch. As the finches leave and return to the perch during feeding, they land on the strings, producing their own, ever-changing composition.

Watch them in action:

They don't seem at all fazed by the noise. In fact, they seem to enjoy it!

Who knows? They could be seconds away from a history-changing solo.

It looks like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will have to make a special provision for these guys. So, the next time you see a bird, remember the moment. You could be staring at the next Bluejay-mes Taylor.

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