Mourning Owner Believes She Captured Her Dog's Ghost on Video

Posted by Paige Cerulli

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A few days after her dog passed away, a mourning owner believes she may have captured her dog's ghost on this unusual video. 

Dogs play significant roles in our lives. They're our best friends, our constant companions, and major presences in our homes. So when our dogs pass away, they leave a void that is hard to fill. But one mourning dog owner believes her dog may have returned to her, and that she's captured her dog's ghost on video.

Kimberly Pierce of North Carolina had to put her 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel to sleep. Pierce was devastated by the event and felt guilty for being the person who made the decision to have her dog, Sadie, put to sleep. But Pierce believes that Sadie's ghost may have come back to her to forgive her for putting her to sleep.

A few days after Sadie's death, Pierce captured this video of her other dogs. But a lighter figure in the shape of a dog also appears in the video. Take a look at the so-called ghost dog.

There are many stories of pet owners sensing their animals' presence after their death. There's the familiar brush of your dog against your leg, or the weight at the end of the bed where your cat normally slept. Sometimes if you turn your head quickly, you may catch a glimpse of your beloved pet out of the corner of your eye. And then there are the times when you just can't shake the feeling that your pet is there with you; even though it's not possible. Is it?

So, is Sadie's real ghost the light figure caught on camera? Or is it a technical glitch of some sort? We may never know, but would it really be all that surprising if our pets, who do such a great job taking care of us during their lives, come back to check on us just one more time after they've passed? You never know.

Have you experienced anything like this with deceased pets? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Mourning Owner Believes She Captured Her Dog's Ghost on Video