Mountain Hounds: 9 Essentials When Camping with Dogs


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Here are some things you shouldn't forget if you bring your dog on a camping trip. 

Camping with a dog make for some of the best summer memories. You and your dog will revel in the fresh air, lack of telephone service, and sleeping under the stars. Summer is a time to rejuvenate and National Parks around the country are calling you and your best friend's name!

Before you hit the trail with your pooch, here are some dog owner essentials that you need to bring to make your dog as comfortable as possible.


1. Leash and Stake by Raa Retail

Is your pup a wanderer? When you are setting up the tent, cooking over the fire, or getting the campsite together it might be nice to not have to worry about what a loose dog is getting into. Or chasing, for that matter.

While this tether and stake combo is heavy to take into the backcountry, this set is perfect for car camping. But it could also be strapped onto the outside of your pack, out of the way.

This stake and cable will make sure that your dog stays safely in the campsite and fellow campers will appreciate the lack of a nosy dog, too.

2. Heavy-Duty Leash by ArcEnCiel

You also need a dog leash for the trail. This heavy-duty leash is rugged and made for training military tactical dogs, so you know it's made with quality.


The leash stretches to 38 inches so your dog can have some space on the trail but has a padded handle by the clip so you can keep them close if you see any animals on the trail or if another hiking dog needs to pass.

3. Dog Light by Nite-Ize

This might be my favorite out of all the dog gear. This LED clip-on light can hang comfortably on your dog's collar and is bright enough to see him on the trail in the dark. It is water resistant and super bright.

I do have to say, from experience, that this light won't last forever if your adventure dog is constantly in and out of the water. They are great little lights though. Also, if you dog doesn't do well in water, consider a life jacket too.

4. Collapsible Water/Food Bowls by Jardin



This collapsible dog bowl actually zips into itself, condensing it to be small enough to hang off your pack with a carabiner.

5. Platypus Bottle

It's always a good idea to bring water only for your dog. That way you don't have to use your filtered water to give to Fido (their stomachs are stronger and less susceptible to bacteria).

With a light-weight bottle dedicated for water only for your dog, you can refill it at streams and lakes along the trails.


6. Dog Sleeping Bag by Ruffwear

Now you won't have to worry about your dog ripping a hole in your $400 down sleeping bag when he tries to snuggle with you in the tent.

Your dog can have his own sleeping bag that he can sleep under if it is cold or on top of for comfort on the hard tent floor. The dog sleeping bag from Ruffwear is still lightweight and stuffable for easy storage in your pack.

7. Backcountry Dog Backpack by Ruffwear

Your dog need to carry his own weight! This pack has enough pockets for your strong, able pooch to carry his own food, treats, and even carry out some of the trash at the end of your trip! Backpacking has never been easier.

This pack actually comes with two collapsible hydration bottles so he can carry his own water.


8. Dog First Aid Kit by Adventure Medical Kits

This medical kit has tape that is self-adhering so it won't stick to fur and a small manual to walk you through emergencies if there are accidents on the trail. It is worth it to have this kit stuffed into the bottom of your pack or in the top pocket.

9. RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Dog Boots

Protect your dogs paws on the trails! You wouldn't hike barefoot, would you? Neither should your pup!



  • Make sure your dog's identification tags are up to date with a current phone number! And make sure you set a good hiking pace for small dogs and older dogs. No pup left behind!
  • Don't forget to bring extra dog food on your outdoor adventures. Your pooch will be burning extra calories and should have generous portions compared to his normal dinners. Try out some Zuke's Power Bones that are made with extra protein that will keep your dog going on your hike.

With all the right camping gear, your camping trip with your dog will be a time for the best bonding moments. You know which pet products you need, now get out there!

Do you go hiking or camping with your dog? What do you always make sure you have? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was originally posted on August 3, 2017.


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