Mother Snake Will Do Anything to Protect Her Eggs

Posted by Jason Sarna
mama snake

This momma does not like this man messing with her eggs!

When owner of Prehistoric Pets, Jay Brewer, tries to move these snake eggs away from the mother, she tries to attack him.

Check out the video below:

The reason Brewer is so adamant about removing the eggs isn't because he's hungry for a snake omelet: it's because he wants all of the eggs to hatch.

A lot of snake eggs don't always hatch in the wild due to improper conditions. But Brewer has artificial incubators that keep constant temperatures and humidity in order to hatch perfect, healthy baby snakes.

Unfortunately, there is no way for Brewer to communicate any of this information to this snake momma who most likely sees Brewer as a predator.

It's a good thing Brewer's a devoted reptile lover working on preserving the species instead of an experimental reptile chef cooking up snake omelets!

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Mother Snake Will Do Anything to Protect Her Eggs