Most Cat Owners Have Done These 10 Things. Have You?

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Some cat owners do some things that might make us look a little strange to the outside world. How many of these things have you done? 

When you become a cat owner, your life changes. Soon you'll find yourself doing things like perusing the cat toys for sale at the grocery store, and talking to your cats. Most cat owners see their cats as members of their family, and you'll get to know your cat's routine inside and out. He'll get to know your routine, too.

When you have cats, some of your habits might look a little strange to people who aren't cat owners. After all, you talk to your cats, you ask them questions, you hold them up to mirrors so they can see themselves.... Sure, it might look a little crazy to some people, but other cat owners understand.

Check out this video and see how many of these things you've done.

Life with cats is pretty great. Our cats are around to keep us company, and they're an endless source of entertainment. Cats have their own individual personalities, and while they can't speak with words, they've certainly figured out how to let us know just what they're thinking. Cats seem to understand us, too, and that's what makes them such great pets.


So sure, our cat habits may be a little strange, but it's all part of life with cats. Don't worry - here, you're in the company of cat owners, and we'll never question your cat habits.

How many of the things in this video have you done? Tell us in the comments below!

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Most Cat Owners Have Done These 10 Things. Have You?