The Moment a Friendly Lab Crashes a Fancy Orchestra Performance

Posted by Mateja Lane
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He liked the music enough to sit down and stay a while.

During an orchestra performance in an outdoor amphitheater in Ephesus, Turkey, out walked a very special guest.

As the music played, and the audience sat with rapt attention, or were maybe nodding off, someone else entered the scene. That someone happened to be a friendly, old dog. And he liked what he was hearing.

According to Daily Mail, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra was playing Symphony No. 4 by Felix Mendelssohn, which was apparently this Labrador Retriever's song of choice. As he made his way onto the stage, looking out at the giggling audience, he makes a turn, as most dogs do before finding the right place to lay down, and makes himself comfortable, complete with a yawn.

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As the dog calmly surveys the crowd, the musicians start to notice that they are sharing the stage with someone else that the audience might be more interested in. The violinist closest to the pooch notices him in the beginning but doesn't skip a beat in his performance. Once the conductor ends the song, he gives the dog a well-deserved smile.


It is scientifically proven that animals of all species react to music. Whether it is from the vibrations, melodies, tones, or a combination of all, music is soothing to dogs, just like their human counterparts. Whether this dog was lost or a stray is unknown but Turkey does have a spay and neuter problem and lots of overpopulated animals roam the streets.

Commenting Twitter users hoped that someone in the crowd that night at the ISKEV festival performance took the dog home and gave it a nice meal and bed to sleep in.

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The Moment a Friendly Lab Crashes a Fancy Orchestra Performance