Mom Takes Away This Girl's Stuffed Puppy and Gives Her Something Better

Posted by Paige Cerulli
girl receiving a puppy

This girl isn't sure what to think when Mom takes away her stuffed puppy, but the next instant, her life changes. 

There will always be that one Christmas gift that you remember. It's that gift that was so special, you can still feel how excited you were to receive it. You can tell how much this little girl loves her stuffed puppy, but her life's about to change with a Christmas gift she'll never forget.

When this girl's mom takes away her stuffed puppy, she's a little confused for a second. And then you see the look of recognition on her face as she realizes what's going on. And then? Well, you have to see it for yourself.

But get your tissues ready.

Is there anything better than getting a puppy for Christmas? Probably not. Getting an animal as a Christmas gift certainly makes for a memorable Christmas morning. Twenty years later I still remember the Christmas when I received my very first hamster.

If you'll be giving someone a pet for Christmas, there are countless ways to make the event super special. Decorate the dog's collar with a Christmas bow, bring your kid to the barn and have their new horse's stall all decorated, or place a young kitten into your family member's hands as their eyes are closed. Whatever method you choose, it's sure to be a memorable experience.

But if you haven't already done so, put some thought into whether a pet is an appropriate gift. Pets don't always make the best gifts, especially when people may face obstacles in affording the pet's care or getting a landlord's approval to allow the pet.

But sometimes things work out, like in the case of this video. And for this lucky little girl, her new puppy is sure to change her life.

Did you ever get an animal for Christmas? Tell us in the comments below!

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Mom Takes Away This Girl's Stuffed Puppy and Gives Her Something Better