Missing Since 2016: Florida Dog Is Found Safe in New York

Posted by Krissy Howard
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She went missing in Florida in 2016, but a year later, a wandering pup named Relay has been found safe and sound all the way in New York. 

A dog named Relay has finally been found after a long journey up north.

Starting in Florida, Relay spent the next year and a half presumably walking her way up the coast until she eventually reached a kind woman in Long Island, New York.

When the woman found the dog, a German Shepherd/Jack Russell Terrier mix, she immediately turned her over to NYC-based rescue group Bobby and the Strays. With their help, Relay, who was equipped with a microchip, was traced back to her owners all the way in West Palm Beach, Florida.


"I had said many times, 'They're going to find that dog. They may not find that dog alive, but somehow, some way, they're going to find the chip on that dog and they're going to be calling us,'" owner Rick Moneck told The Associated Press.

Despite being hopeful in the beginning, Relay's family began to worry that they may have been wrong in assuming that her microchip would bring her back home, and began to give up their search after over a year of looking. 

It's still unclear what, exactly, happened when Relay went missing. Despite being a "wanderer" according to her family, a blurry surveillance video captured at a local gas station showed a man loading Relay into his car at the time of her disappearance.

Luckily, Relay ended up in the right hands, and her rescue only confirms the importance of having your pet microchipped and keeping your contact information updated at all times.

As of yesterday, the rescue group is still looking for a volunteer to drive Relay back down the coast to her rightful home.

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Missing Since 2016: Florida Dog Is Found Safe in New York