Missing Dog Who Survived Hurricane Irma Is Reunited with Owners

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Image via The Florida Times-Union

This is one lucky dog!

In early August, a Tibetan terrier named Devlyn somehow escaped from her fenced-in backyard.

According to The Florida Times-Union, the terrier's owners, Robin and Dave Saltman, searched the neighborhood for hours, and with the help of their daughter Kari Saltman Keene, sought help through social media.

Hundreds of people searched the South Ponte Vedra Beach area where the Saltmans lived and beyond and spread the word about the pup's disappearance.

"It was the most heartening thing I've ever been through in my life," Robin Saltman said of the public response. "The concern they had for her."

The first sighting came a few days after Devlyn's disappearance about three miles away. On Day 13, a sighting was reported 12 miles away in Vilano Beach.

"My phone and text was blowing up, people praying for the dog, people going out every day looking for her," Robin Saltman said.

On September 13, two days after Hurricane Irma hit the area, Devlyn was finally caught.

Sue Guenter, an experienced dog trapper, had put out a crate with food and water in an area of Vilano where the dog had been spotted. Devlyn had gone in and out of the crate several times, but never triggered it to close. But that day she did.

The Saltmans distributed a $650 reward among the rescuers, some of whom declined and diverted donations to rescue organizations.

A veterinarian was stunned to find the dog was uninjured, although her fur was severely matted. The dog was also sensitive to loud noises, most likely due to being outside during the storm.

Since returning home, Devlyn has been to a groomer and now has a leash with GPS tracking. The backyard fence also has been covered with mesh in an effort to block possible escape points.

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Missing Dog Who Survived Hurricane Irma Is Reunited with Owners