Missing Cat from Georgia Found Safe and Sound in a Soda Truck

Posted by Jason Sarna
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Screenshot via ABC 7
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If Bob Seger is the Travelin' Man, Kitty Bitty is the Travelin' Cat.

It all started on July 4th, when Kitty Bitty disappeared from his Georgia home.

Kitty Bitty's owner Teresa Cameron said:

"We figured he got afraid of all the fireworks and the noise. We just were afraid he'd got out and was gone."

More than five months later, Kitty Bitty was found in a Pepsi truck in California!

According to ABC 7, the driver of the Pepsi truck called the Riverside County Department of Animal Services. Officials retrieved the pet and provided veterinary care, according to John Welsh of the department.

The cat was not microchipped; however, Welsh was able to track down Cameron thanks to Kitty Bitty's rabies tag.

Cameron said:

"It's unbelievable to me. I mean, I know cats go off and come back, but Savannah to California?"


According to Cameron, there are lots of warehouses in the area where semi-trucks routinely pick up cargo to be transported around the country.

She said:

"He had to have just crawled up inside one of them and decided to go exploring."

Kitty Bitty is "resting comfortably" at the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley and is expected to make it home to his family by Christmas.

What's the furthest your cat has ever traveled? Tell us in the comments!

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Missing Cat from Georgia Found Safe and Sound in a Soda Truck