Miss Pickles the Mini Horse Is So Small She Gets a Bath in the Sink

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Miss Pickles the miniature horse isn't just your average mini. She's so small that when she gets a bath, she fits in the kitchen sink with room to spare. 

Meet Miss Pickles. She's a tiny miniature horse filly - in fact, she's just 16 inches tall and weighs only 29 pounds. In other words, she's smaller than most dogs. However, this miniature horse is one of the cutest that we've ever seen.

So what do you do when you're as small as a dog and you need to take a bath? Well, you don't head for the wash stall in the barn. Instead, Miss Pickles is treated to a bath in the kitchen sink. Yes, we're serious - take a look.

When you own a miniature horse, you have to get a little creative sometimes. Why break your back in a wash stall when the kitchen sink will do just as well, and will save you the backache?

Before you go out and get a Miss Pickles for all your own, remember that when it comes to care, mini horses cost almost as much as full-sized horses do. You won't see a discount in your vet or farrier bills, and you may even need to invest in additional fencing to keep your mini from slipping through your horse fencing.


The area where you will save, though, is in feed costs. Minis eat a fraction of what full-sized horses eat, but their diets also have to be carefully monitored, since they can easily founder on grass.

Minis are traditionally small, but Miss Pickles is super small - and super adorable. We're in love with this little filly already!

Have you ever had a miniature horse in your barn? Tell us in the comments below!

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Miss Pickles the Mini Horse Is So Small She Gets a Bath in the Sink