Mischievous Texas Pony Plays Dead to the Dismay of the Neighbors

Posted by Paige Cerulli

At first sight you might think he was in trouble, but don't worry - this mischievous pony plays dead all the time. 

Imagine driving by a horse pasture only to see a pony lying flat on his back, all four legs up in the air. He's not moving, and one leg is extended upward. You cringe - it looks like he's died, and his owner likely doesn't know.

You pull over to go alert the farm owner, dreading the discussion. But if you've happened upon this grey pony, chances are that everything's actually fine - this pony just plays dead all the time.

Meet Pinto, the plucky grey pony who likes to sleep on his back in a very unnatural position. Rather than soaking up the sun like normal horses, this pony plays dead and absolutely refuses to budge, even when his owner approaches and urges him to get up.

It's enough to make any horse owner's heart drop, but Pinto's owner has clearly seen this many times before. Just take a look at this hilarious Facebook post.

Have you ever owned a pony like Pinto? One who seems determined to make you work as hard as possible to keep them safe? Ponies are masters of mischief. They can get into places they should never be able to fit, can open gates and doors, and can just generally make chaos. If the horses escape, you can almost always be sure that a pony was the perpetrator of the incident.

Despite the grief that they give us, we can't help but love ponies. It seems that everyone learned to ride on a pony, and it was ponies who taught many of us how to ride a buck (and how to climb back on after we fell off). Though they're full of character and naughtiness, we wouldn't be the riders we are today without having ridden some great ponies.

The Facebook post was posted by Mark N Kelly in Goodlow Park, Texas. Apparently his pony "plays possum" on the regular. As frustrating as it is for him and his neighbors, horse owners everywhere are getting a good laugh.

What would you do if you passed a field with this horse sleeping like that? Let us know in the comments below!

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Mischievous Texas Pony Plays Dead to the Dismay of the Neighbors