Mischa Has a Weight-Loss Routine Most Cats Would Hate

Posted by Tori Holmes
Mischa the cat swimming
Pictures courtesy of SWNS/Metro

Mischa the cat has been struggling with her weight for years, but she has a new exercise routine...

Mischa was rescued by Burnley and Pendle Cats Protection after her previous owner had been seriously overfeeding her.

By the time the nine-year-old kitty was rescued, she weighed as much as a French Bulldog at 22 pounds! This is quite the weight; the rescue staff believe that a healthy weight range for her would be around 10 pounds.

In addition to her new vet-prescribed diet, Mischa has taken up a unique form of exercise: swimming lessons.

While cats normally hate water, Mischa can't get enough of it. As part of her weight-loss regime, Mischa has two 20-minute hydrotherapy sessions a week. Since starting the sessions and the diet, she has lost 4.5 pounds but still has a way to go - her veterinary team estimates that it will take her between six and eight months to lose the weight safely.

Mischa the cat

"Since she has been swimming, she has got a bit more energy back and has started to play with us," explains Mischa's foster mother Leanne.

The good thing is that with the weight she has lost, Mischa has been able to stop taking the pain killers she was on to deal with the pressure on her joints.

Leanne hopes that by sharing Mischa's story she can warn other pet owners about the long-term effects of poor pet care, including overfeeding.

fat cat


"To allow Mischa to get in that state is awful, it is pure neglect. I would just tell owners to keep an eye on their cats and make sure that their weight is kept in shape."

Best of luck in your weight loss journey, Mischa!

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Pictures courtesy of SWNS/Metro

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Mischa Has a Weight-Loss Routine Most Cats Would Hate