Mini Yorkie Lands His Pool Jump on His Friend, Deserves a Gold Medal

Posted by TF Oren

If you fancy yourself an athlete, think again.

You've got nothing on this mini Yorkie, aka the Carl Lewis of the canine world.

This athletic little fellow launches himself off the edge of the pool, flies through the air, and lands squarely on the back of his swimming friend, sticking a landing that any long jumper or gymnast worth his salt would envy.

Watch this Olympic gold medal-worthy feat for yourself:

Impressive, right? We give it a 10. And that landing...exquisite.

Well done, little one!

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His landing pad doesn't seem quite as excited about this acrobatic wonder but, hey, you can't please everyone.

What do you think of this Olympic-ready leaper? Let us know in the comments section!

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