Mini Horses Have Their Manes and Tails Cut and Stolen in Massachusetts

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Miniature horses have had their manes and tails cut and stolen, and the culprit may be using the hair for horsehair jewelry. 

Miniature horses on a farm in Gloucester, Massachusetts have had their manes and tails sabotaged by an intruder. Brent Tarr, who owns the farm and the horses, went out one morning to find that all four of his miniature horses were missing their long mane and tail hair. His farm is located on Essex Avenue, which is in a busy area, and the intruder had to trespass on his property to get to the horses.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that this has happened to Tarr's horses. This same crime happened back in September of both 2016 and 2015. The police are investigating this latest incident, and if the culprit is caught, he or she will be charged with trespassing, animal endangerment, and larceny.

It's possible that, given the time of season, the hair was taken to use in making horsehair bracelets and jewelry. These items are popular gifts, though horse hair can be gotten legally by buying from reputable suppliers. Some bracelet makers encourage buyers to send in hair from their own horses. The amount of hair needed to make a bracelet is generally a bundle about the width of a pencil; a horse won't miss such a small part of his tail.

Unfortunately, Tarr's miniature horses will most certainly be missing their manes and tails. A horse's mane and tail are important in helping him get rid of pesky flies during the summer, and tail hair is particularly slow to grow back. It's likely that Tarr will have to take additional measures to give his horses relief from flies this summer.

If you live in the Gloucester area, it's a good idea to be extra vigilant about who is coming and going on your property. Taking preventative measures, like housing your horses in a pasture which is far from a road or installing floodlights on your barn, can help to discourage potential thieves. If you notice suspicious activity around your barn, call your local police to alert them.

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Mini Horses Have Their Manes and Tails Cut and Stolen in Massachusetts