Mini Horses Displaced by Hurricane Harvey Go to Colorado Shelter

Posted by Krissy Howard
CBS Denver

16 mini horses involved in a Houston SPCA neglect case have made their way to Colorado where they will be rehabilitated and nursed back to health. 

Hurricane Harvey may be over, but cleanup and rescue efforts are still underway in Houston. One recent rescue effort involved 16 emaciated miniature horses obtained in a neglect case in which 80 animals were seized and held by the Houston SPCA.

The horses were transported from the Gulf Coast to Denver, Colorado by rescuers from the Denver Dumb Friends League, an organization that works with the community to end pet homelessness and suffering by providing shelter, veterinary care, and training programs for animals in need, as well as education programs to the public.

Now that the equines are in safe hands, staff and volunteers are working to get the horses up to a healthy weight.

"They're going to have grass and hay in front of them 24 hours, seven days a week, and that will help to rejuvenate that system and get them started and get then healthy," Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center Director Garret Leonard told CBS Denver.

Once the horses are good and healthy, they will become available for adoption. To view a list of adoptable animals available through the organization, click here.

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Mini Horses Displaced by Hurricane Harvey Go to Colorado Shelter